First post. Battling Insomnia.

Hello, welcome to my blog. 

Just to keep my introduction short my name is Dominic and my twitter is @Krystal_pepsi

As I am writing this post I have been awake almost 21 hours (not to keep count though). I usually get around 9 hours sleep a night, but I can’t get comfy enough to sleep.

And so I’m writing this sleep journal/ Can’t sleep thoughts.

So since 9pm to now (currently 02:42) I have;

  1. Watched every video in my YouTube subscription.
  2. Worked out how to get my website domains connected to this blog
  3. Installed multiple pieces of custom content for Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
  4. Watched 4 episodes of ‘Haters Back Off’ the Netflix series
  5. Changed my phone background to this.(see below) (I do not own this image)

So it’s been somewhat productive. And yet I can’t sleep. If I didn’t life in such a trashy part of my town I would be going for a walk or doing something outside, while trying not to wake my parents.

I have a really obscure relationship with sleep. Sometimes I will want to sleep all day, and sometimes I won’t sleep for a couple days and there is no middle ground. And I know I’m going to struggle for it in the day to come. Luckily I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee and wasting money on coffee.

But I will finish this with a quote from my great(x7) grandad William Booth.

We must wake ourselves up! Or somebody else will take our place, and bear our cross, and thereby rob us of our crown.

-William Booth

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