The I Sleep journal 29-10-2016

22:45. After a stressful day tidying, running around for people and arguing with a good friend. I was relaxed enough to go to sleep.
Mood: Calm
Hours Slept: 9h30m (approx.)
Did i Dream: No

07:30. Before you question my maths, the clock went back.

I genuinely feel like i had a good nights sleep, I feel like a completely different person than I was yesterday. I now believe that there is a correlation between having a tidy room and a good night sleep, as I do get good sleep when my room isn’t a mess, but I do believe it was a new moon last night and I do get nice long sleeps during that as well.
But I was more than like too tired from the night before to care. Who knows.

Dominic sellen

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