Rockband 4: Game Blog 1

Nov 1 2016

As it has become November a bunch of developers will release a bunch of games and downloadable content in hopes of making good money over the Christmas period.

The game Rockband 4 was released just over a year ago, and a year after there is a few things that need to be added to the game, like online multiplayer. In an attempt to make the game have an online feature, they released the DLC titled Rivals, which added new features which make the game more desirable to play.

Nothing was added to change gameplay, except a bug that randomly change your calibration settings mid-song, making it harder to full combo songs.

They added a new screen in the careers menu tab, which you can manage your crew/clan and battle other clan/crews in the weekly challenges. There is also a new career mode called RockUDrama which is a documentary following your band through your rise and inevitable fall into retirement.

Current stats:
Gold 5 Star songs: 16
Song Full Combos: 5
Crimson 5 Star Songs: 0


Dominic Sellen

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