2016: The Butterfly Year

As the end of the year creeps closer, i often catch myself reflecting on the year and how I have spent it.

I have only recently decided that for better or worse to never wish you done something differently because no matter what choices you make in your life the ones you have taken have kept you alive to this day.

I’m calling this year my butterfly year because I have become a brighter person with more to me than my former self. This time last year I was really shy and would only talk to people I knew and liked. Now I am more confident and feel like I could to talk to anyone if i try. I’ve become more confident and happy in the way i look and carry myself then I did trying my fly under the radar I’m more than happy to be noticed.

This year i have become more active and vocal about my opinions and am an activist and protester without being rude and shoving my opinions down my throat. through the job I have I can talk to members of the public and have conversations on topics from our personal lives to politics. Admittedly you shouldn’t discus politics and religion as it can (and will almost always) lead to an argument. But as i spoke to people I kept an open mind unless I felt that their opinion was too negative, to which I either ended conversation or changed the topic.
One example of this was when I asked one elder gentlemen what he was doing at the weekend and he had said that he was going to the pub for an English Defence League meeting and at this point I just stopped talking, a) because by questioning his views would lead to me getting into an argument and inevitably getting a punishment from work. b) because im reasonably liberal and believe everyone should be able to do what they want (within reason) and to go where they want.

My music taste has had a few refinements this year, at the star of the year i would only listen to pop and EDM, however as this year has developed I have come to appreciate more genres and have a vast selection of music to listen to. the most notable being Vaporwave and Metal.

Aesthetically as a movement Vaporwave has taken over my life. as it bring the nostalgic feel of the 80’s and 90’s and blends it with the pop culture of today. for example they mash the neon and patterns of the 80/90’s with the relaxed stoner vibe of today, and we have a playlist of songs made of ambient sounds. but it also takes influence from eras before, there is statues which looks like they were from ancient Greek times with the shiny vinyl look of modern decor with the video glitches of 1980’s technology. But before this just becomes a lesson on what it is, all you need to know is that it has taken over my life and my apple music account.

Although this year has been a disaster for horrific events going on and celebrity deaths. This year has helped me build my character and personality. and am seeing this year end on a high.

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