My Playlist Dec 2016

I would post a blog of the music I’m listening in the month it doesn’t necessarily have to be new music, it’s just what I am listening during the month.

With the month being December I was listening to Christmas music all the time. At work I’d always hope that Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas would play (it rarely would). I recently listened to Ariana Grande’s Christmas song Santa Tell Me and became obsessed.

Because of the new call of Duty game they have the zombies mode that plays 80’s music and I have fallen in love with Run-DMC and so i started to listen to their music and my favourite songs are King of Rock and Walk This Way.

At heart I’m a huge emo so I listen to My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade, Paramore – Misery Business and Panic! at the Disco – I Write Sins not Tragedies. my inner Hip-Hop/Rap lover has been listening to Nicki Minaj – Black Barbies. Because I’m a fan of Drag Queens i have been listening to Jinkx Monsoon – Coffee & Wine.

here is just a list of other songs I’ve been listening to:

Rob $tone – Chill Bill
Holly-J & Chunky Dip – Mambo
The Weeknd – False Alarm
Drumaq – Neverland
Sharon Needles – Snow Machine
Pierce the Veil – King for a day
Macintosh Plus -リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー
Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki – Just Hold on
Niall Horan – This Town

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