Butterfly Year: Final Form

As I sit on my laptop on new years eve reflecting on the time after posting my 2016 recap blog, i realise even as a butterfly there was a dent in my wing preventing me from flying freely. This dent was that i hadn’t came out to my dad.

I only realised that i should probably do it when my friend saw that I was getting close to a guy and it showed up on her facebook. I was so nervous at this point because even though I was out to my family I’ve never had an official coming out. My dad isn’t homophobic but he doesn’t see the point in gay people acting like the effeminate stereotype.

After a while of panicking and figuring out how to tell him and I realised it was much easier to send it as a text than to call him. for a moment my heart stopped as I waited for a reply and as I start to calm, i received a call and as my biggest fear is rejection, I did not answer it. (funny how my response to fear was to fight fire with fire)

As I compose myself I call him back, and I was overwhelmed by the support I had received, and he said he’d be proud of me no matter what and that he was happy that I had told him in my own time. To hear them words had been the things that got me through the rest of the day and was the stress off my back.

I think just by doing that i fixed that wing and am ready to fly freely in the new year.


I hope all readers of this have a good new year and may 2017 be the year you succeed.

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