New Year, New Broken Promises

2017 has just started and luckily no celebrities have died and one of my favourite “reality” TV shows have started.

I never really understood why people make New Years resolutions because as creatures of habit its very rare we have the discipline to make the change in our life and sticking to it. But I thought I would set some resolutions this year but they are more my wants for this year. My list is just 3 items:-

  • Be Happier
  • Socialise more
  • Attempt to be healthier

I probably should have a goal with this blog on there but without these three things I would not have content for my blog, because the first two link together because when i am happier I socialise more, and through socialising I can come up with content ideas.

overall i think this year might be good as Have grown up and can handle most situations correctly to get the best result.

I hope you guys have a great year and enjoy every moment of it.

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