The One???

In the week that Theresa may promised that she’d help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, and help teachers to deal with these situations, and Donald trumps water sport scandal was trending on twitter. I have been following my heart and talking to a guy who has mad such an impact in my life in such a small time.

After last months shit show called my love life I decided that I was going to delete all my “dating” apps when I receive a message on tinder from a really cute guy. As I’m not rude I replied, and from  there we just haven’t stopped talking.

Very quickly in to the conversation we realised that we were very similar in the way we think and the TV shows and movies we liked.  For example we both liked Rick and Morty, and we had both wanted to go see the new Alien film when it comes out later this year. the only thing we disagreed on was our opinion on the film Prometheus. Tut at this point we started to create a bucket list of films and shows we would watch together. from what i remember the list goes as follow:-

  • House of Cards
  • Scream: the TV Show
  • Inside Out
  • Wreck it ralph
  • Stranger Things
  • Wrong Turn
  • Cloverfield film series


And we intend on watching every single one together. I want the list to be stupidly long so we just spend a lot of time cuddled up together, which I don’t think he minds though.i don’t think we will start the list until after the first date. Which is this Saturday and I’m beyond excited at this point and if I could I would time travel I’d go to Friday night so i didn’t have to wait to see him.

I hope this ends up being something beautiful because I know he is someone I would want to bring home to meet my parents. I’ll keep you guys updated as it blossoms.


Thank you for reading.

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