Since I started this blog I’ve come to the conclusion that I have minimal discipline and writers block.
I made some free time and I would use this to my advantage to create content and put something out there in the world.

From a young age I have suffered from mental health issues, however despite being in the child’s mental health services for 10 years I never got any formal diagnosis other than a list of symptoms. I’m now 19 and have been paying to see a therapist for about 4 months and I say he has helped me cope with my issues more than i ever got from the mental health services.

With his help I have become more of a confident person because I have learnt to momentarily pull myself mentally from a situation and evaluate its outcomes, instead of making rash decisions which would have caused me to be worse off. Acquiring this skill, I believe has been the key to my success recently, as I’m able to stop my impulsive actions (for example, in instances when I have received negative comments about myself, instead of lashing out, I ignore them and treat them like I didn’t hear the comment), and make good choices to make me happy.

Despite not practicing Buddhism I associate with it a lot and I believe in Karma, and Yin and Yang. most people know what karma is but not many know about Yin Yang1200px-yin_yang-svg

This symbol represents the good and bad. the white half means good, the black half means bad (I don’t believe it was a race thing but i can understand why people would be offended), the white dot represents the good in bad and the black dot vice versa. I definitely believe in this because your positive action could have a negative impact on yourself or someone else.

I think through my therapy sessions and realizing what I believe in I’ve become a happier person. I think a lesson to learn is you have to learn about yourself inside and out before you can truly be happy and make good decisions.

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