An apology

hello readers,

If you are an active reader of my blog. You’d know I was posting daily on here and have been on hiatus for a couple weeks.

I hadn’t forgot about this blog, I had just been extremely busy with work, trying to get overtime to buy Christmas presents for family. I am currently on holiday so I can push out some content for this blog.

So here is some updates on my life. My sleep schedule is currently pretty good and I get about 9 hours sleep a night. And fall asleep at the same time each night.

I’ve been playing the new call of duty whenever I get some free time (so not very often) I will release a review soon.

That’s about it. Thank you.

Dominic Sellen

P.S. I have my neighbours dog laid on my lap.

Sleep journal 2-11-2016

Sorry about the really late blog post.

My days are choc-a-bloc right now as I’m trying to seine every moment of the day. I uploaded two blog posts and it felt like a lifetime writing them. As the nights close in earlier with each day my sleep pattern is doing really well as I am get tired as soon as the sun goes down, however that isn’t very good when I have to work in the evenings.

Mood: exhausted.
Time asleep: 9h10m
Did I dream: silly question

This morning I’m struggling to keep my eyes open right now, as I download the sims 4 DLC inexcitement.

Dominic Sellen  

October favourites

So I thought about doing this when I started this blog. And this was the first opportunity to write this. So this is my October favourites.


As a fan of drag two of my music favourites come from drag queens. The first being the song ‘Transform’ by Tatianna which is a song about being using makeup to be anything you want to be and can shapeshift to whatever you want. My second choice this month is ‘Lovergirl’ by Rhea Litre, which is a cover of the 1984 hit single by Teena Marie, however I was unaware this song was released in August of this year and although this shouldn’t technically be on this list I found this song this month so I’m allowing it. Another song that might not be allowed is, ‘El Miriacho’ by Bassjackers & Jay Hardway I am unaware what the date of release of this song, I just heard it on a stream on and I immediately put it on my phone.


My first pick of the month is now one of my all time favourite TV shows of this month ‘Rick & Morty’ which is a show from the studio Adult Swim. I had heard good things about this show from people online and when I saw it on Netflix I binge watched the first season of the show. And a few days later I got the notification they released a second season of the show on Netflix and streamed that in just shy of 2 days. My second show of the month is a documentary on Netflix called ‘Amanda Knox’ and it follows the whole case of the murders blamed on Amanda Knox and it tells the story of how the police were corrupt and also how the evidence was contaminated leading to the multiple arrests and releases of her. My third is a British reality show called ‘Geordie Show’ which follows a handful of club organisers who cannot handle there alcohol or there temper, and it surprisingly makes for good television.

I only have two choices for games this month, both are rhythm games. One being Guitar Hero III for the PC, I watch a lot of streamers play this on Twitch and thought I’d get it, I like you can get custom songs for it made by the community, and have since getting it FC’d the whole tenacious D pick of destiny album. Apart from tribute and master exploder. My other game is OSU! And that is a point and click game mixed with music and the games multiplayer is really good for a more social gaming experience whereas the solo game mode is nice to practice levels and get better at the game. 


The only thing I have is Empire magazine as I recently bought issue 330 of the film magazine because they made 5000 video covers of the magazine for the Harry Potter spin off film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Which makes them really rare and wirth more than I paid for 2 copies just for one copy. As of the 2 of November the copies of the magazine are selling on eBay at 2.5 times the price. But the actual magazine is quite an interesting read.