Sleep Journal 1-11-2016

Just gone to the theatre in a nearby city to watch the play adaptation of the book ‘Woman in Black.’ This is the second time that I have gone to see this show, and it was just as good. But it is time to sleep.

Mood: sleepy
Time slept: 8 hours
Did I dream: No

After doing this for a while I have since realised that I do not dream. I am in no hurry to get up this morning as I’m not fully awake and could easily fall back to sleep.

Sorry for the short post it wasn’t that interesting today.

Dominic Sellen

Sleep Journal 31-10-2016



After a busy Halloween work day I had a good afternoon running errands for my family. I will probably go to sleep in about 30 mins because I’m starting to get tired

Mood: Chill

Hours Slept: 9h20m

Did I Dream: No

Just woke up feeling a bit tired but had a comfortable enough nights sleep. i will probably get out of bed.


Dominic Sellen

Sleep Journal 30-10-2016

Sorry for the late post today was buy with work today and was there much longer than anticipated. But anyway,


After working today I felt tired so I spent the evening chilling while trying to knock a headache. The evening seemed to take forever. Because the clocks went back so it gets darker earlier.

Mood: exhausted.
Time slept: 6h40m
Did I dream: No.

Surprisingly for having a tiny amount of sleep, I am quite motivated. If I had slept through till my alarm I would have had 9h25m which would have been nice but it seems an external force has other plans.

The I Sleep journal 29-10-2016

22:45. After a stressful day tidying, running around for people and arguing with a good friend. I was relaxed enough to go to sleep.
Mood: Calm
Hours Slept: 9h30m (approx.)
Did i Dream: No

07:30. Before you question my maths, the clock went back.

I genuinely feel like i had a good nights sleep, I feel like a completely different person than I was yesterday. I now believe that there is a correlation between having a tidy room and a good night sleep, as I do get good sleep when my room isn’t a mess, but I do believe it was a new moon last night and I do get nice long sleeps during that as well.
But I was more than like too tired from the night before to care. Who knows.

Dominic sellen